Job Summary
Job Title: Laboratory Technician/Senior Geologist Engineering

Company Description: We are the masterminds of development! A team internationally renowned as a centre of excellence specializing in engineering, urban planning, and architecture. Our Group has delivered several projects across three continents, with a specific focus and expertise in transport infrastructures. For our Office in Kano State, Nigeria. Where we are currently working on the Kano- Maradi - Dutse Railway Project, we are seeking an experienced Laboratory Technician / Geologist to join us. This is an opportunity to work on a key project, supporting the growth and success of our organization. JOB SUMMARY He / She will assist in executing, coordinating, and organizing relevant specific issues on ongoing projects as requested and/or directed by the Project Manager or Head of Department. This include analyzing and utilizing relevant technical documents, liaising with project stakeholders and preparing a comprehensive report. The professional’s goal is for optimum quality control/assurance in the assigned discipline, ensuring proper use and production of construction materials and maximum safety and health requirement within the project site. PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES He/she shall possess the ability to see beyond presented information and get to the best solution, a willingness to look at problems from varied perspectives to uncover ideal solutions, exceptional communications skills in order to interface with team members and stakeholders. Possessing attributes of a Team player, Leadership and Interpersonal skills

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Job Description

• Supervision, analysis, and Interpretation of results both in laboratory and on site in accordance with project standards and specifications.
• Analyze and properly record technical documents for the supervision of embankment works, bridge foundation and concrete works, drainage structure works and building foundation works.
• Planning, organizing and undertake field work/site investigation.
• Providing advice and information for the manager on range of issues on proposed use of construction materials.
• Must be able to take instruction, operate within a team network, and work independently without direct supervision.
• Ensure and maintain, clean and safe working environment.
• Ensure laboratory and field equipment are of good condition.
• Keeping Record of the efficiency of the equipment used on site and laboratory.
• Assessing and minimizing the risk of man-made and natural hazards on site.
• Ensure proper documentation of laboratory and field results.
• Collate data and produce reports.
• Plan and supervision of detailed field investigations by drilling and analyzing in situ tests and samples of cores.
• Supervise bridge pile drilling works and provide well documented records for foundation verification.
• Visit new project sites as directed and as required.
• advise on and test a range of construction materials, for example sand, gravel, cement, water and soil materials.
• Make recommendations on the proposed use of a site within the project and provide information based on ground conditions
• Advise on problems such as settlement and slope stability issues
• Have a willingness to work on a variety of projects with a strong desire to learn, be motivated and enthusiastic about all aspects of the role, and enjoy the challenge of taking on new responsibilities
• Coordinate with other departments of assigned project to make sure of optimized quality control and quantity analysis
• Excellent professional judgment
• Please note that your job description shall not be limited to the above, you may be assigned to carry out other assignments as deem fit and necessary by the Management.

Job Requirements
Requirements and skills

• Must possess at least a Bachelor/MSc degree in Geology or Engineering geology and membership of relevant Professional Body will be an added advantage.
• Proven working experience in railway construction supervision or similar projects.
• Use available technical packages including IT based platforms such as Microsoft office, AUTOCAD and other geotechnical softwares as required to verify and report site activities
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills

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