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Materials Engineer Engineering

Company Description: We are the masterminds of development! A team internationally renowned as a center of excellence specializing in engineering, urban planning, and architecture. Our Group has delivered several projects across three continents, with a specific focus and expertise in transport infrastructures. For our Office in Kano State, Nigeria. Where we are currently working on the Kano- Kaduna Railway Project , we are seeking an experienced and talented Material Engineer to join us. This is an opportunity to work on a key project, supporting the growth and success of our organization.

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Job Description

  1. Carry out necessary tests on each material supplied to the site before 
  2. Record the frequency of routine tests on material
  3. Carry out due diligence to manufacturers of construction materials as requested
  4. Ensures that the materials used in the construction work meet specific standards for performance, safety and sustainability.
  5. Others.
Job Requirements

1.    High level of education

2.    Minimum 4 - 5 years of experience on similar projects/assignments;

3.    Exellent English (spoken and written);

4.    Capability to handle multitask and sorting priorities,

5.    Strong interpersonal skills such as negotiating, problem solving, teamworking and knowledge sharing.


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